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Vision Statement

One of the things our team is trying to accomplish is to spread the word about FTC and other FIRST programs. Not only will this outreach help others get more involved in FIRST Robotics and other STEM programs, but our team will learn a lot about the people and products in the STEM community.

Mission Statement

This is our team’s Third year as part of FIRST Robotics. During our first year in FTC, we weren't as concerned with outreach as we should have been, the second year we were substantially better but still not as good as it could be. So this year we are trying to be diligent about getting involved with the robotics community. We are working to achieve these goals by participating in educational demonstrations and forming ties with young minds interested in STEM. As well as doing educational outreach our team is trying to create positive relationships with different businesses and help them become involved with the FIRST Robotics program.

2017 Season:

  • Educational Outreach

    • Eagan market fest family day

      • In this event we and some other Eagan High School teams set up a booth at the market fest. 

  • Eagan FTC robotic recruitment event

    • This event was an event set up by the Eagan High School Robotics program with the goal of pulling in more new teams to improve the FIRST Robotics experience.

  • Help mentor younger FIRST teams

    • Although this isn't a planned outreach event we work in a shared space with multiple other teams that we are constantly consulting with to help other teams find their footing

  • Set-up of Eagan tournament - 2017

    • Members of our team and school robotics club helped put together game fields and judges booths before the tournament.

2018 Season:

  • Educational Outreach

    • Volunteer work at Eagan tournament - 2018

      • Team members volunteered to help set up, take down and run the first tournament at Eagan High School. 

    • Bagging groceries 

      • Some of our team members volunteered at our local cub foods to bag peoples food and spread the word on FIRST robotics

    • Supporting other teams in state 

      • In the eagan robotics club multiple teams made it to state so our team decided to come to the tournament to cheer on the others in the eagan organisation.

  • Visited metalworking shop

    • Daniel’s uncle works at a machine shop, and was able to show us the equipment they use to make custom parts. We have designed plans for CNC parts, which they have helped us manufacturer.

2019 Season: 

  • Educational Outreach 

    • Robot in in 2 weeks scrimmage

      • This year we wanted to get a head start on the season and challenge our building and designing skills so we entered a robot in 2 weeks tournamentere only given 14 days after the challenge was revealed to make a robot. Even though our robot wasn't the best, the challenge gave us a time constraint that forced us to put our minds together and create a working prototype.

    • Mall of america 

      • We were invited by Confidential Robotics and the Thunder penguins to join then and Eagan High Schools FRC team in a large group outreach event where we had a full field and multiple tables explaining what the FIRST programs did. We spent most of the day talking to people where we explained the benefits and opportunities provided through STEM. 

    • Eagan community center outreach event 

      • Our team and one other team named the thunder penguins were given a booth at the eagan Community Connections event where we set up a parchal field and drove our robot around. We also got the chance to interact and answer interesting questions about STEM and FRC robotics.

    • Restaurant technologies family fun day 

      • At this outreach event we met up with another team in our organization called confidential robotics and had a mini course set up that people could come look at, ask questions and even drive the wheels on the robot, we didn’t let them operate the arm because it was too easy to break. We would then proceed to take a tour of the restaurant technologies building. They were a company that would instal a tank on the outside of the building and the company would send all of their used cooking oil. Then the company would send a truck to pick it up and dispose of it. 

    • Iowa outreach scrimmage 

      • At the end of the 2018-2019 season we were invited to a small tournament of about 8 other teams we spent two days meeting with and engaging with other teams. It was a fun experience where we learned about different designs and talked to other teams at all different skills and abilities. In addition to the scrimmage we spent half a day at the John Deer factories.

    • Volunteering at the Eagan tournament

      • At the Eagan tournament we were asked to run the safety glasses s station at the entrance of the pits. Throughout the day we would ask people that were wanting to go into the pits to see there team or just to look at all the robots, if they didn’t have safety glasses we would either sell them a pair or giving them out of a tub that was donated by other teams.

    • Helping new teams  

      • We work in a shared work space with multiple other teams where we are constantly engaging and helping other groups.

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